I n making tempeh I use 7 g of tempeh starter and 22 oz of dry roasted split soy beans. ( In this video I added to the tempeh some rice, corn, and bean mix.) 1. Bring to a boil the soybeans. 2. Let the soybeans simmer for 35 minutes on medium high heat. 3. Strain the soybeans. 4. Blow-dry the soybeans for about 10 minutes. 5. Add the tempeh starter and stir it into the soybeans. 6. Add soybeans to a 9×15 inch bowl. 7. Cover bowl with plastic wrap and poke about 12 holes into the plastic wrap. 8. Place bowl into the incubator. Soybeans should incubate for 36 hours at 88 degrees Fahrenheit. Some of the keys to making tempeh is to be sure the soybeans are net wet when placed into the incubator. This is why you should use a hair-dryer to dry them out a bit. You cannot add the tempeh starter to the soybeans if they are over 100 degrees as that can damage the culture. They soybeans should have cooled down enough after the use of the hair-dryer to add the tempeh starter. The soybeans should be about 1 to 1.5 inches thick n the pan. If it is too thick I will scoop some of the soybeans into a smaller container that will also be covered with plastic and placed in the incubator.

2/21/2013 – Update – This incubator I made had very high humidity problems with humidity over 85%. I'm constructing a second incubator and may also try and make a modification to my first one to lower the humidity down to the range of 70% to 85%.

5/14/2013 – I've had a few questions on how I made my incubator. For most of it I followed the insturctions from the makethebesttempeh.org website. Also after my old incubator continued to have high humidity problems I ended up tossing it out and spending some cash to get a 8" deep Cambro Insulated Food Carrier. I've had better more consistant resutlts.

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