DIY Smoky Tempeh Bacon Oil Free

We've been blowing through the Rockin Broccoli Salad and the grocery stores can't keep my tempeh bacon habit up. I had to go Breaking Bad and turn my kitchen into a tempah bacon lab. Check it. HERE'S ALL YOU NEED for the MARINADE 1/4 cup […]

What Is Tempeh?

Vegan, vegetarian, or meat-eater, tempeh is an excellent soy-based, high protein alternative to any meat dish. Made from soybeans, tempeh tastes great and is so good for you. What Is Tempeh?

Cara Membuat Tempe 100% Berhasil!

Cara Membuat Tempe atau Resep Membuat Tempe: 1 Cuci kacang kedelai lalu rendam selama 24 jam. 2 Kacang kedelai akan mengembang. 3 Setelah kacang mengembang, kupaslah kacang kedelai dari kulit arinya. 4 Setelah kacang bersih, tuangkan kacang ke panci dan beri air secukupnya. Lalu,rebus selama […]